Granite Payment Alliance

About Granite Payment Alliance:

Granite Payment Alliance has a comprehensive understanding of the bank card domain. With a wealth of experience within the payment processing industry and a network of top industry partners, the Granite team provides unparalleled financial expertise, proven leadership and an unwavering commitment to the success of our clients. Through this deep-rooted and seasoned knowledge base of bank card processing, Granite Payment Alliance offers financial institutions and merchants a unique opportunity to participate in the bank card arena with only a basic understanding of the business and without adding additional resources and costs.

WIB Premier Solution:

Merchant Processing Services

How Granite Can Help:

• Core Deposit Generation & Market Growth Potential
• Reduction of Credit Risk & Annuitized Fee Income
• Cross-Sell Portal for Banking Services 
• Competitive Assistance in Local Market
• Staff Training in Promoting Merchant Accounts

WIB Member Benefits:

• WIB members receive generous pricing incentives during the negotiation phase