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About Haberfeld Associates:

Haberfeld Associates is a 35+ year old company that delivers outstanding growth and profitability results for banks nationwide. Last year, their new clients increased new, core consumer and business customer openings by 2.11x with their comprehensive program. Those new customers average 5.4 products/services per household, and they stay with our clients for an average of 8 years. Clients average 29% more ROA and 26% more ROE when compared to peer banks (2016 data).
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How Haberfeld Associates Can Help:

  • Acquire significantly more profitable customers
  • Profitably engaging new and existing customers to utilize more products and services
  • Bring low-cost, long term core deposits, loans, and fee income from new business and consumer customers who see you as their primary financial institution (PFI)

Why Choose Haberfeld Associates?

  • If you add up the branches of our current clients together, they would be the 8th largest bank in America
  • Over the last decade we have brought our clients over 7.5 million new core relationships 
  • Haberfeld clients are high-performers in: 
    o Number of customers per branch 
    o Service Charge income per branch 
    o Transaction deposits per branch 
    o Products per household 

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Testimonials from Community Bankers:

“I am convinced we have better products, better training, better customer experience inside the branch, and more effective marketing than anybody in any of our markets.” 
-President and CEO, $560 Million in Assets

“Banks should hire Haberfeld for its expertise and a program that is proven to work.” 
-EVP, $1.5 Billion in Assets

“The Haberfeld Associates employees I have worked with are as engaged and interested in my results as our bank employees. The support from Haberfeld is exceptional at all levels and in all areas.” 
-EVP, $380 Million in Assets

Client Case Studies:
Bank with 7 branches results after working with Haberfeld for 7 years
Results a bank saw in new account business after 3 years of implementing Haberfeld strategies
Banks working with Haberfeld deposit growth compared to Banking Industry
Haberfeld targeted marketing flyer