About MoneyPass:

MoneyPass is one of the largest surcharge-free ATM networks in the nation with more than 75 million cardholders and over 24,000 ATMs (60% financial institution-owned). Over 1600 community banks and credit unions belong to MoneyPass. With MoneyPass, your bank can offer cardholders coast-to-coast, surcharge-free ATM access without the cost of new ATM installations, the expense of ATM upgrades or mandatory compliance.

WIB Premier Solution:

Surcharge-Free ATM Network

How MoneyPass Can Help:

  • Compete effectively against very large deployers that heavily promote ATM convenience.
  • Reduce costs associated with any surcharge rebate program by promoting MoneyPass access to your cardholders.
  • Marketing support through customizable templates for items such as statement stuffers and web banners, as well as innovative mobile ATM locators
  • The opportunity to offer shared deposits is now available making MoneyPass even more convenient than ever.

WIB Member Benefits:

  • WIB member banks enjoy discounts of 45% or higher off of regular pricing