Performance Trust

About Performance Trust:

Our story began in Chicago in the early 1990s, when our founders, Rich Berg and Phil Nussbaum, observed an increasingly untenable situation. While working at a large investment firm, they put in long hours to learn the math behind purchasing securities and—knowing the impact this knowledge would have on their clients’ performance—wanted to educate as many of them as they could. However, their firm did not see the value in this mission and was more focused on making trades without considering the risk/reward element for their clients. Rich and Phil left to start their own firm, where the focus shifted from product to client, from moving product to finding the best investment for a particular institution, and—most significantly—from short-term gains to long-term performance.


WIB Premier Solution:

Shape Management® 

How Performance Trust Can Help:

Too often, executives are forced—under time constraints—to make less than optimal decisions based on single statistics that do not provide a full picture of a financial decision’s repercussions. Shape Management® will give executive teams objective, math-based tools to help them make more profitable balance sheet and investment portfolio decisions. By understanding the true nature of the risk/reward decisions they are faced with, institutions will be able to make better decisions and generate wealth over time.

WIB Member Benefits:

• We will provide WIB community banker members with a $500 discount code for tuition to our Principles of Performance™ educational courses (a $1,000 value). Before registering for a program, please reach out to to receive this code

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