About PrecisionLender:

PrecisionLender was founded in 2009 as a result of a simple observation: commercial lenders don't have the data at their disposal to make loans that are acceptable to both the bank and the customers; they are often times flying by the seat of their pants. This sad reality spurred a cadre of industry experts to develop a completely new way to look at the commercial lending paradigm. Arming lenders with the right data means they can give their customers exactly what they need and also help keep their bank profitable. 

WIB Premier Solution:

Commercial Loan & Deposit Pricing Management

How PrecisionLender Can Help:

• The way you manage pricing today will have a huge impact on the asset quality and profitability of your portfolio for years to come
• Handcraft solutions that addresss a borrower's needs while meeting the banks profitability and growth targets
• Improve the deals you are already winning, win deals you are missing out on today, and strengthen your relationships and prevent them from going competitive

WIB Member Benefits:

• WIB Members are eligible to receive a 5% reduction of the annual license fee and 5% discount on implementation fee.