About Satmetrix:

Satmetrix delivers industry-leading customer experience management software that drives customer loyalty. Using our software, companies:
Collect and analyze customer feedback data
Close the loop with customers who give feedback 
Take action and manage change
Our software, data, and expertise combine to offer unique benefits to customers as they manage their customer experience programs. Business outcomes for customers include:
Higher rates of growth
Improved retention and upsell
Reduced churn
Lower cost to serve

WIB Premier Solution:

Customer Experience Management, CEM

How Satmetrix Can Help:

​• Customer experience management software: Automate your CX program and drive customer loyalty
Training and certification: Learn best practices for customer experience programs
NPS benchmarks: See how you stack up against competitors

WIB Member Benefits:

Contact us at right to get a 20% discount on our Net Promoter Certification course.