Virtual StrongBox

About Virtual StrongBox:

Virtual StrongBox is an encrypted end-to-end customer engagement platform that provides high-risk Enterprise IT the data security needed to support both secure cloud usage and simple and seamless customer interactions.

Our secure document storage and file exchange platform transforms legacy technology and workflows by bridging the gap between customer convenience demands and IT security requirements.

Our Clients report 70% to 80% cost benefits from operating efficiencies, savings in paper, labor and time intensive processes and the ability to get information to and from their customers faster in their business interactions.

Virtual StrongBox has over 265 clients in North America, serving 3.5 million consumers and business owners, that are using the platform in the digital transformation strategies.

WIB Premier Solution:

Secure Document Store & File Exchange 

How Virtual StrongBox Can Help:

  • Consumer, Small Business & Commercial Lending Processes
  • New Account Opening
  • Mortgage Lending Process “know before you owe” Compliance
  • Regulatory Exam Innovation
  • Wealth Management

WIB Member Benefits:

20% Discount on standard and premium service.